Most popular car brand by state

Jan 22, News. We like to share product recommendations with you and hope you like them! Just to make you aware Kitchen Gadgets Maven may collect a small share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. If you made a list of the most popular car brand in each U.

In most states, Ford and Honda are far and away the most popular auto manufacturers, with Toyota and Chevrolet being the top pick in a few others. But that got us thinking — which car brand is most uniquely popular in each state? In other words, which vehicle manufacturer are, for example, Texans way more obsessed with and covetous of than other states?

We turned to data scientist Matthew Sisco for help. Using consumer search data at the state level, Sisco was able to determine which car brand each state was most obsessed with relative to the national average. Same thing with Michigan and its obsession with Chrysler. But other states are a bit more surprising. Why are Texans so attracted to Lamborghinis? The study uncovers some very interesting and unexpected data in consumer interests.

Do you share the same auto interests as the neighbors in your state? See below for the full list of the car brands each state is most obsessed with along with some additional insights for certain states:.

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Best-selling cars in the United States 2019

Our opinions are our own. Things to remember Be honest, how do you shop for a car? So, how will you choose your next car? Power conducted a study in to find out how modern-day American shoppers choose what car to buy. This massive study involved 18, individuals who bought or leased to model cars. This new way of shopping results in a more informed buyer.

Online reviews and ratings are much more honest and reliable than the average car salesman fueled by his commission. This is an easy problem to solve. You can start at being a smarter car shopper right now with this article.

This article is going to lay out some pretty important and troubling facts you really should know about the most popular vehicles on U. We are going to count down from ten to one according to the number of deadly crashes each auto make is involved in: one being the most.

Click here for how we calculated the stats to formulate the ranking. Brace yourselves the results are quite alarming. The regrettable reality: one fatal crash usually equals multiple injuries and deaths. There were fatal crashes in the U.

most popular car brand by state

Can you guess which one? Keep reading to find out. Plus in North Dakota and Wyoming, there was only one each.In the case of used-car sales, it represents domination of another sort, though equally as impressive, from the Northwest to the Southeast, from the Southwest to the Mid-Atlantic. That is the number of states where the Ford F is the highest-ranked among most popular used vehicles, based on a study by iSeeCars.

A research website for used-car shoppers, iSeeCars. Besides its competitors, the F beat out the state total it garnered in iSeeCars. Through November, Ford had soldnew Fs, growing 10 percent year to date overwhile the Silverado, which hadin new sales YTD, was the top used vehicle in five states.

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The Ram pickup, the third-most-popular among all new vehicles atYTD, was shut out as most-popular used vehicle, according to the iSeeCars. That left only six states for all other models, and four of those were Hondas, with the Accord capturing honors in three states and the Civic in one.

Sales of the F surpassed 3 percent of total used-vehicle sales in 31 states, and ranged from 2. No vehicle other than the F scored more than 5 percent of sales in any state, with other state winners ranging from 2.

The Chevrolet pickup won in Arkansas 4. For more on the first study, see the iSeeCars.

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On your mark, get set, give back! The small group, part of the host of volunteers who…. Skip to content Toggle navigation. Thirty-nine states. If it were a gorilla, it would be King Kong. Ford F is a giant among used vehicles. Nearly everything the website said about the F after its first win still is true.

Chevrolet Silverado was No. The Honda Accord scored its best mark, 3 percent, in New Jersey. More Like This.Although there are hundreds of vehicle makes and models available on the market, there are some that are more popular than others. What makes these models a favorite pick to many consumers?

Below is a list of the top 10 vehicles in the U. As the best-selling vehicle in the country for more three decadesthe Ford F is the top purchase across the majority of states.

The F comes with a 3. However, its options include a 2. You can choose from regular, SuperCab and SuperCrew cab styles for three to six passengers, and 5. Consumers generally like the F for its spacious and supportive seating, potent engine and agile handling. The F vas voted the most popular vehicle of in 36 states! Standard is a six-speed automatic transmission, a 4.

You have the option of upgrading to an eight-speed automatic transmission, a 5. The regular, double and crew cab styles of the Silverado seat between three to six passengers. The available bed lengths are 5 feet by 8 inches, 6 feet by 5 inches or 8 feet.

Most Popular Cars By State (Insurify Insights)

The interior showcases upscale, quality materials, and the Silverado is generally popular for its quiet cabin and the acceleration and towing capacity that the V8 engine offers. It comes standard with rear-wheel drive and optional all-wheel drive. An eight-speed automatic transmission is standard, but there is an optional six-speed manual transmission.

most popular car brand by state

The base trim has a 2. Among the other five trims are a turbodiesel option, the base engine with more horsepower, a 3. You can purchase a 3-Series in convertible, coupe, hatchback, sedan and wagon body styles. The interior has top-notch materials and comes standard with leatherette upholstery.If you were to take a list of the most popular cars in each state in the U.

But we were curious: What car was the most distinctive in each state? What model of car did, say, California buy far more often than any other state in the Union? First, Libby pulled data about the make and model of every car sold in the U. Then, he did the same at the state level, and compared each state to the national average. It's an interesting methodology—you're basically able to compare the individual demand of a model in a state with the individual demand at the national level, and see what ways is each state unique from the nation.

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But there are surprises: Georgia, for instance, seems to have a thing for Nissan Leaf. It's not sample based. It's not something where I think it's this, you think it's that. It's hard data. It's irrefutable. The full list of each state's unofficial state car follows, along with additional comments from Libby's extensive data analysis.

In Alabama, the Kia Forte sells at percent of the national average. The Kia Soul EV sells at percent of the national average in California, this may be because it's only available in a few select states. Electric vehicles in general are popular in California thanks to its Zero Emission Vehicle mandate, with the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S having California market shares more than three times their national averages. In Colorado, the Nissan Xterra sells at percent the national average, while six Subaru models.

In Delaware, the Volvo S80 sells at percent the national average, while the Aston Martin Vantage's market share in Delaware is more than two and a half times its U.

In Florida, the BMW sells at percent the national average. Three Rolls Royce models, including the Phantom, Ghost and Wraith, all have market shares in Florida more than three times their national averages.

In Hawaii, the Toyota Tacoma sells at percent of the national average. In Idaho, the Subaru Outback sells at percent of the national average. In Illinois, the Dodge Caravan sells at percent of the national average, while the Mitsubishi Outlander and Outlander Sport each have market shares more than twice their national market shares.

In Indiana, the Buick Encore sells at percent of the national average. In Iowa, Ram trucks sells at percent of the national average. Iowa loves its domestic vehicles: The twenty-six models in Iowa with the highest market shares, when compared to their national market shares, are all made by domestic manufacturers. In Kansas, the Audi S6 sells at percent of the national average. In Kansas the Porsche also sells at more than twice its national rate—though there are only Porsche s in the entire U.

In Kentucky, Kia Rio sells at percent of the national average. Not selling well in Kentucky? The Tesla Model S, which has a market share equal to only 25 percent of its national market share.

In Louisiana, the BMW sells at percent of the national average. They like them large: in Louisiana eight full-size SUVs have market shares more than twice their national market shares. In addition, five Subaru models, including the Impreza, Forester, XV Crosstrek, Outback and Legacy, all have market shares more than twice their national market shares.

Not popular in Maryland? In Massachusetts, the Volvo XC70 sells at percent the national average. In Minnesota, the Ford Taurus sells at percent of the national average. In addition, the Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-Series each have market shares more than one and a half times their national shares.

In Mississippi, the Nissan Maxima sells at percent of the national average.While being the most common car on the road is not necessarily a guarantee of quality, oftentimes, widespread loyalty indicates that a car is a good match for a broad range of American drivers. So not only do these cars dominate the roadways of their states, they have a history with them as well. Here are the most popular cars by state. Insurify, an auto insurance quotes comparison website, analyzed its data from over 1.

The vehicle type responses were then grouped by state, and models were ranked by the number of states in which they occupied the number one slot in terms of popularity. The Subaru Legacy is the only car on our list that is the sweetheart of one state and one state alone. Flaunting their individuality, Vermonters stand behind the Legacy as the car of their state.

Find the best sites to compare auto insurance and kick-start your savings journey. Despite its Californian namesake, the Chevrolet Malibu is the favorite of two adjacent Midwestern states, Michigan and Indiana. This may be in part due to homegrown loyalty, as Chevrolet is headquartered in Detroit, MI. Inthe Corolla surpassed 40 million cars soldcementing its legacy as one of the best-selling models worldwide. This is certainly the case in Florida and Hawaii, the American states where this car is the most common vehicle on the road.

Looking for uber insurance? Find the best insurance companies for rideshare drivers. Low income auto insurance rates are available today — how much could you be saving? When it debuted its first generation in the early s, the Ford Explorer quickly became one of the most popular American cars of the time— outselling all imported SUVs put together.

This rugged SUV is well-suited for the demanding terrain of Alaska, Montana, and Wyoming, the states in which it is the most popular. Despite ranking as the top-selling SUV in the U. Introduced inthe Toyota Camry has been a hit with American drivers from the start. Given this popularity and dependability, it may be no surprise that the Camry holds the number one position in locations from the East, West, South, and Midwest. The Chevrolet Impala holds an iron-grip on the Midwest, with all seven of the states in which it is the most popular grouped in a contiguous block.

Despite its popularity nationwide sinceits relatively low fuel efficiency may limit the likelihood that its popularity will spread to states with higher rates of city-driving.

Is it time for your 6 month car insurance checkup? Boasting one of the best fuel efficiencies of cars on this ranking, it may be no surprise that the Nissan Altima ranks in the top three for most popular car by state. Introduced inthe Altima has had steadily improving safety ratings until reaching its current status as an IIHS top safety pick.

Currently ranked the 2 compact car on U.

most popular car brand by state

News and World Report, the Honda Civic is also the second-highest ranked car on our list. Originally released as a subcompact car, the Civic has now expanded; lending it a broader appeal that aids its preeminent popularity in a diverse group of eight states.

Securing the loyalty of drivers on all four borders of the United States, the Civic holds a truly impressive appeal. Find the homeowners insurance quote for you, at the coverage level you want, with these top-tier comparison sites.

The number one car on this ranking is the Honda Accord, which is the most popular car in over a quarter of all American states. Especially dominant on the East Coast, the Accord is nonetheless well-represented in the West as well. Rated as the 1 mid-size car by U. Most Popular Cars by State. Search, Explore, and Discover!This page is for personal, non-commercial use. While it's always interesting to track which vehicles sell the best in any given part of the world, sometimes we find noteworthy details when we dig in a little bit closer.

For instance, while you may know that the Ford F-Series pickup is the best-selling vehicle in America, did you know that there some other pickup trucks outsell it in over a quarter of the country? Would you have expected two different models from Subaru to be listed as best sellers in certain states?

Click on the image above to find out which vehicles sell the best in which states, according to IHS Automotive as reported by Yahoo. Chances are, you'll find some surprises.

The Car Brand Each State is Obsessed With

If you live in Hawaii, we're all jealous of your beautiful scenery. More importantly, for this list at least, you are a resident in the only state in which the Toyota Tacoma can be called the best-selling vehicle. Seeing the Tacoma on this list is a surprise, but it's not the only Toyota on our list, as you'll soon see. The Subaru Forester makes this list thanks to its popularity in one single state: Connecticut. That's not to say the Forester doesn't sell well in other States — it is, in fact, Subaru's best-selling nameplate in the United States — but Connecticut is the only state where the Forester outsells all other cars, regardless of manufacturer.

The Toyota Corolla is consistently one of the best-selling cars, not just in the United States, but in the entire world. Interesting, then, that the Corolla only manages to outsell all other nameplates in just one lone state: Florida. It's no surprise to see a pickup truck make any best-selling vehicle list in the United States, but one wearing the GMC badge is a bit of an outlier After all, it's the best-selling vehicle in that state. The Honda CR-V is the second crossover on our list of the most popular vehicles by state, which speaks to the popularity of the segment in the United States.

If you live in either New York or Rhode Island, chances are you see lots of the Honda CR-V in your neighborhood, because it's the most popular new vehicle in those two states.

Here are the most popular used vehicles in all 50 states

The second Subaru on our list is the Outbackwhich proves especially popular in Washington, Colorado and Maine. We note with interest that those three locations all contend with unpredictable weather, be it snow, rain or some mixture of the two, along with a population that revels in outdoor activities.

Perfect Subaru buyers, then.

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